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ProRis blue. Strong foundation, new ideas.

ProRis blue can be used by direct insurers for their ceded reinsurance business, by professional reinsurers for assumed reinsurance business and retrocession business, for captive reinsurance or a captive management company or the reinsurance broker to manage their business. It has been designed for a wide range of applications.

ProRis blue - Highlights


ProRis blue as SaaS (New)

Inveos now offers ProRis blue as a software as a service complete solution
You no longer need to invest in your own hardware and software infrastructure to run ProRis blue. Use our SaaS solution for ProRis blue in a certified data center in Germany. This makes you flexible and at the same time ensures all security and privacy standards that you must meet. Feel free to contact us.


ProRis blue Geographical Information System (GIS) (New)

Interactive view of risk data on maps
Geocode addresses in ProRis blue and visualize risk sums or losses on maps. We offer an integrated solution within ProRis blue. Simply get in touch with us or have a look at a Webinar about GIS.


ProRis blue

Modern technology meets tried and tested functionality

The state-of-the-art ProRis blue system combines the tried and trusted features of ProRis with the latest technology. Intuitive interfaces and an improved design help you complete your tasks quicker, which from today’s perspective, in times of fast closes, is becoming more and more important. Less time operating software, more time actually working. See for yourself.


ProRis blue Life

Calculate life reinsurance on an individual risk basis

The Leben components in ProRis blue lets you manage, maximise and invoice your life insurance business on an individual basis or at a fixed rate with different tariffs.

Integrated interfaces allow for rapid exchange of policy data and reinsurance invoicing with insurers and reinsurers.


ProRis blue light

The small solution with full functionality

If you are a small unit and do not require a 'big solution for a lot of money', we have ProRis blue light for you. All the essential components are included. Simply get in touch with us.


ProRis blue RI-Cockpit

Control at your fingertips with a single click

  • Analysis at the touch of a button
  • Based on current data
  • Graphic and tabular presentation
  • Drill down options

ProRis blue Solvency II

Pillar 3 - Reporting based on figures from ProRis blue

The Solvency II component offers you a flexible, expandable system.

  • Create and edit EIOPA codes
  • Link your own codes to EIOPA codes
  • Output relevant data down to the lowest level
  • Description of facultative reinsurance arrangements per EIOPA line of business (Re-J1, S.30.01/02)
  • Current ceded reinsurance programme (Re-J2, S.30.03/04)
  • Description of shares and further details on the participating reinsurers (Re-J3, S.31.01)
  • Internal RI programme (IGT3, S.36.03)
  • Description of the 20 largest net exposures per EIOPA line of business (TP-E7A, S.21.02)
  • Loss triangles (TP-E3, S19.01)

ProRis blue Underwriting

Integrated underwriting process

As an underwriter, you want to collect essential data quickly and not be burdened with time-consuming data entry. If only basic data are known, you only need to enter just that. During the underwriting process, you can complete your quotations and add them to your portfolio once they have been accepted. Contracts which are not signed do not burden the system yet are stored in a history.

  • Archiving quotations
  • Only enter known data without being forced to complete obligatory fields
  • Status concept with transaction tracking
  • Direct transfer to the main system of accepted quotations
  • Create a quotation history

„ProRis optimally meets the high requirements of RheinLand for its range of features offered at a reasonable price-performance ratio.“

Hubert Schmitz, Head of Reinsurance at RheinLand Versicherungsgruppe

„Our decision to use ProRis was primarily based on our future requirements in efficiency and security as well as demands on the efficiency and safety as well regulatory aspects and market flexibility.“

Markus Fricke, Corporate Development at VGH Versicherungsgruppe Hannover

Solvency II

From 1 January 2016, regulations pursuant to Solvency II directives go in force. ProRis blue lets users deliver necessary QRT information according to EIOPA standards to a corresponding data warehouse. The majority of our customers then transfer these data to Solvara, the leading Solvency II reporting tool in German-speaking countries.

Interested? Get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to provide you with further details.

Contact »

Key features



Everything is possible

With ProRis blue, you can save all possible and impossible (as we have learned from our customers) contracts

  • Assumed and ceded business
  • Proportional and not proportional
  • Optional and obligatory
  • Informational and computational agreements from commission to profit commission, right through to cut off are not a problem.
  • Overview of the entire business at a glance
  • View of an underwriting year or the entire term
  • Generate documents based on the terms (wordings)


Assumed and ceded reinsurance We can calculate anything!

Fully automated accounts from import to accounting right through to transfer to financial accounting.

  • Integrate and calculate the direct insurance with the RI Server.
  • Automatically calculate a surplus
  • Integrated accounting of NP covers incl. indexing
  • Manual entry of accounts
  • Optional statements with bordereaux reporting
  • Generate deposit premiums
  • Profit commissions, loss participations, commissions also with sliding scales
  • Calculate deposit accounts
  • And much more

Current account

Receivables and payables at your fingertips

Manage your current accounts with ProRis blue. Overview of receivables and payables per company incl. transfer of book entries and payments to your financial accounting system. We can integrate ProRis blue individually into any financial accounting system. The fully automated interface lets us generate files, IDocs or write directly in tables using Table Link.



Integrated reports and statistics

Access your data at any time using the variety of standard reports which you can adapt easily to suit your needs.

  • Fiscal year statistics
  • Accident year statistics
  • Underwriting year statistics
  • Run-off triangles
  • Travel statistics
  • Individual creation and customisation by user possible
  • Integrated Crystal Reports
  • Integrated QlikView reports
  • Free selection of data to report


Import and export all types of data

Save time with the integrated interfaces in ProRis blue. Exchange data with your partners via standardised interfaces. Use the standard interface for your accounting. Automated Translation of your partners’ key values into your own keys, lets you do accounting in just a few minutes.

  • Import and export accounts
  • Import and export financial accounting data
  • Export statistics
  • Import rates
  • DATEV interface
  • GDV interface
  • Import partners
  • Connect to external underwriting systems

RI Server

Maximising and fully automated invoicing

Let your primary insurers’ portfolios be automatically entered in assigned portfolios to automatically calculate the reinsurance cessions. ProRis blue even handles maximising your surplus for you. Facultative risks are created and facultative requirements determined.

  • Integrate primary insurers' portfolios
  • Calculate surplus
  • Maximise individual policies
  • Identify facultative risks
  • Generate facultative risks
  • Bordereaux reporting

Fast Close

At the end of the year, quarter or month, with ProRis blue no problem

With ProRis blue, you can assign each accounting entry to a period and are thus able to generate closing reports at any desired reporting date. Prepayments during the year also possible.

  • Calculate prepayments such as unearned premiums at each reporting date and enter in accounting
  • Assessment of accounting entries in foreign currencies possible at any time.
  • Generate reserve entries during the year
  • Calculate balances (receivables/payables)

Single risk contract and statement

Facultative business with ProRis blue

Store individual risks in the accuracy of detail that is required. blue ProRis lets users manage and account for different quotations and endorsements. Bordereaux reporting is performed automatically.

Premiums may be generated for both proportional and non-proportional risks. View the cover of a risk at a glance.

This helps you create the database to meet Solvency II requirements.

  • Manage and account individual risks
  • Generate bordereaux
  • Automatically generate premiums
  • Manage individual losses

Integrated tracking of business transactions

ProRis blue lets you keep an eye on your business

See all transactions on a specific date in one view. Track the status of placements and accounts. See missed deadlines immediately via a traffic light system. The status of individual transactions is automatically updated when performing tasks such as creating a statement.

  • Renew contracts
  • Terminate contracts
  • Accounting
  • Deposit premiums
  • Documents
  • Statement of account

Determine catastrophic loss and settlement

Weather any storm

Automatically recognise and allocate individual losses to an event.

Define the event according to the accrual period and criteria such as the line of business and/or cause of damage and let ProRis blue find and calculate the coverages.

  • Merge several individual losses into one event
  • Overview of various scenarios
  • Automatic statements for CAT covers
  • Delivery of claims data via interfaces possible

Multi-client capability for Run Off

One system for everyone

Use ProRis blue for your subsidiaries, too or manage run-off portfolios in different clients.

  • Separation of different companies/units
  • Use of the same key or different keys
  • Exchange of data among the clients
  • Multi-client statistics

Multiple language functionality

Multilingual GUI

Our standards are available in their entirety in German and English.

Moreover, you can individually translate the interface. We also offer French and Turkish language modules. Support is available in these languages as well.

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Interface
  • Help
  • Support

Are you ready to master your reinsurance business with ProRis blue?

Contact person


Torsten Ullrich

CEO Reinsurance

+49 40 88 13 09 358



CEO Inveos Switzerland

+41 43 210 96 26


Your information will be stored to process your request and for follow-up questions with us. We will not share this information without your consent. Please note our privacy policy and revocation information.


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