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Inveos is member of the newly esablished Ruschlikon Technology Provider Group

Inveos, through it’s state-of-the-art reinsurance  back office system ProRis blue, is among the leading providers in respect of e-processing date exchange solutions between primary insurers and reinsurers and/or reinsurance brokers. We follow the development of ACORD and Ruschlikon since a couple of years with great interest as we anticipate that at the end one global data exchange format will succeed. We are proud to have become a member of the newly established Ruschlikon Technology Provider Group . Our aim is to follow the development of Ruschlikon even closer and to elaborate the most elegant way for our large customer base to communicate via Ruschlikon adapting our format to standard message format. This always considering the most efficient process from a time and effort point of view.

Click here for the Ruschlikon Press Release.

23rd November 2015 - The BDL (the Federal Association of German Leasing Companies) publishes the new guideline for risk bearing capability calculation and capital requirements planning.

The new guidelines - under the title „Anwendungshinweise Risikotragfähigkeitsrechnung“ - can be downloaded in the members area by all members and cooperation partners of the BDL. Inveos has again supported all activities regarding the case study by calculating and validating the described scenarios with TRIGONIS. If you would like to know more about TRIGONIS and risk bearing capability calculation, please click here:

25./26. June 2015 TRIGONIS User Forum Hamburg

The TRIGONIS User Forum in June 2015 offered, as in previous years, an ideal platform for TRIGONIS users to share their experiences. An interesting customer presentation by LeaseForce, the current assessment of the BDL on regulatory requirements (in particular, the risk-bearing capacity) as well as talks by Inveos on the further development of TRIGONIS helped make this event very informative and successful. We will also be hosting the user forum in 2016 in the beautiful city of Hamburg, where our company is based. We look forward to welcoming a great customer turnout on the Elbe.

24./25. June 2015 ProRis User Forum Innsbruck

Like every year, we met up with our customers at the ProRis User Forum. The event was highly informative, the customers very satisfied with plans by Inveos in terms of product development and the occasion was very well organised by the representatives from Tiroler Versicherung. We would like to say thank you to everyone!

We will be hosting the user forum in 2016 once again in the beautiful city of Hamburg, where our company is based. We look forward to welcoming a great customer turnout on the Elbe.

As of June 2015, the net asset value is subject to an extensive audit in accordance with Auditor's Report Regulation (PrüfbV)

As you can read by visiting and, the net asset value of financial services institutions will be subject in future to a more extensive audit by auditors. Both the format and calculation as well as the underlying assumptions need to be plausible and assessed. As the market standard for net asset value calculations according to the BDL model, TRIGONIS can make a valuable contribution to handling this issue in terms of withstanding an audit.

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