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Cooperation between B3i and Ritablock

We from Inveos are very pleased about this cooperation between B3i and Ritablock. We are convinced that the interest in participating in Ritablock data exchange via the B3i Fluidity network will continue to grow. We are proud that we can already provide our ProRis customers with a seamless interface for sending and receiving to Ritablock.


Here the Link to the Press Release.


Review ProRis User Forum 2019

It is a tradition for the ProRis user forum to be held alternately by Inveos in Hamburg and alternately by a customer at their location. In 2019, we met at the end of June 2019, in scorching hot weather, at the impressive LVM buildings in Munster. Thank goodness that the LVM infrastructure has a powerful cooling system; it was a very pleasant temperature. As is the tradition, Torsten Ullrich, Managing Director of Inveos, opened the event. He was able to welcome the cheerful representatives of ProRis customers, large reinsurance companies and Inveos partners.

A varied programme of information on new functionalities in the modern reinsurance application ProRis blue by Inveos, field reports from successful implementation projects by customers, an exciting lecture on the current project for standardising contract creation in reinsurance based on the functionality of ProRis blue at a large German reinsurance company, and the informative presentation of the activities of the Ruschlikon Group on the major European markets (France, Italy, Spain) filled the hours until the early afternoon in a very varied and interesting manner. Of course, the "update" on the RITA initiative, Reinsurance Technical Accounting Blockchain, should not be left out of this colourful bouquet of information.

Based on feedback from customers from previous events, a new form of exchanging ideas was offered in the afternoon. As part of an "Open ProRis Cafe", guests were able to bilaterally discuss various topics with each other of with representatives of Inveos, such as facultative business in ProRis blue, RV billing in ProRis blue, payment and open items in ProRis blue, life reinsurance functionality, ACORD Bordero interface and RITA, depending on their interests. We all agreed that this was a great format and we should continue to use it at the next user forum.

A very successful user meeting once again this year. We thank the LVM for their great level of organisation and all participants for their active and committed participation. For further information or documentation on the topics listed, please contact us at at any time.

6th PUG ProRis User Group meeting on 9 May 2019 at the Provincial Northwest in Munster

The ProRis User Group (PUG) met on 9 May 2019 for the sixth time. The Provincial Northwest assumed the role of host for this event. We thank them for their extremely attentive and friendly reception and excellent hospitality.

17 representatives of our customers came together to exchange ideas and influence the development of ProRis blue. Fortunately, we were able to welcome VHV Hannover, a newly participating ProRis customer.

How slowly tradition, the day was was divided into 3 blocks. In the first part, Inveos provided information to the participating customers, followed by a workshop-style discussion of upcoming issues and their future mapping in the reinsurance software solution ProRis blue, and finally the presentation of newly developed functionalities in ProRis blue, with the aim of collecting early feedback from our most experienced customers.

In the first part, Inveos provided information on the status of implementation of the new version 8.0, the planning status of the 2019 user forum, various activities on the market and the status of the RITA initiative, the innovative Reinsurance Technical Accounting Blockchain. The last topic in particular attracted a lot of interest. Inveos was asked to report periodically on its future progress.

In the second part, constructive and targeted discussions took place on the functionality requirements in the areas of billing/borders, statistical/accounting indicators, automated testing, handling of master data, production of BaFIN certificates and the new ProRis SQL Editor. As always, it was technically very sound with a high level of value for the further development of ProRis.

In the meaning of "early customer feedback", the development status of the new ProRis blue function blocks "Optional Module" and "RV Billing" was presented on the system. Excellent feedback was received here too, which will flow into the software to round off the functionality.

As always, a very productive meeting. The participants are encouraged to continue working on the issues raised in smaller working groups in 2019. The next PUG meeting will be scheduled for the beginning of 2020, after the close of the year.

Reinsurance Administration Day 10th/11th October 2018 in Bonn

We are pleased to announce the 5th Reinsurance Administration Day (RAD). Technological and regulatory developments radically change the core processes in reinsurance and insurance companies.

With the RAD we provide you with a platform to inform yourself about current developments, challenges and new perspectives in the administration of your reinsurance.

The productive use of blockchain technology in current projects as well as other digitalization trends in insurance companies will play a special role at this event.

Further information about the event and information on registration can be found in the corresponding flyer under the following link.

Here you can find further Information for your registration.

5th PUG ProRis User Group Meeting on the 26th of September in Düsseldorf at Deutsche Rück

The ProRis User Group (PUG) met for the fifth time on 26th of September 2018. Deutsche Rück in Düsseldorf kindly hosted the event. We thank them for the extremely attentive and friendly reception and the excellent hospitality.

At this meeting, PUG again talked about technical topics and gave Inveos the necessary feedback on extensions in ProRis Classic and blue as well as comments on possible future functionality extensions. Thanks to the active participation of all participants, the event was characterised by very constructive and goal-oriented discussions.

This time the focus was on processing pending issues since the last PUG meeting. There was a short review of the ProRis user forum from May 2018, a detailed presentation of the availability of ProRis Version 8.0 as well as a detailed presentation of ProRis blue functionality in terms of the outward technical reinsurance accounting. The implementation of the necessary adjustments for seamless communication with the soon to be available blockchain RITA (Re-Insurance Technical Accounting) based on distributed ledger technology was also discussed.

Participants agreed to hold another PUG meeting. This will take place at the end of the first quarter of 2019.

Review ProRis User Forum 2018

Torsten Ullrich, Managing Director of Inveos, welcomed a record number of good-humoured participants to the annual ProRis User Forum on 6 June 2018 in excellent weather and an excellent location on the Alster in Hamburg. Visitors to the event were representatives of ProRis clients, one of the top 2 reinsurers, insurance companies interested in the solution, our partners Consurance, Esri, GMBC Group and Prime Re System as well as Inveos.

A varied programme of information on new functionalities in the modern reinsurance application ProRis blue by Inveos, field reports from successful implementation projects by clients, an exciting lecture on the development of the specialist book "ABC of Reinsurance" by one of the authors, the informative presentation of the targeted path in digitisation at a top reinsurer from the perspective of yesterday-today-morning and the report of the ProRis User Group captivated those present right from the start. One of the highlights of the highly informative day was the presentation of a prototype of a Reinsurance Technical Accounting Platform (RITA) based on distributed ledger technology, which was jointly developed with the partner Consurance. Inveos specialists have already created the necessary adapters for this blockchain platform and were able to demonstrate the seamless dispatch of technical invoices in real time.

In addition to the topics already mentioned, the presentations of the new ProRis modules "International Insurance Programmes" and "Geographical Information System for Individual Risk Accumulation Control" certainly attracted the greatest interest among the public.

Inveos is proud that we were able to show on this day that as a medium-sized company we are agile, innovative and always customer-oriented. In order to meet the challenges of automation and digitisation in (re)insurance, there is no need for size or highly developed strategies; absolute willingness to change is required. Inveos is prepared for this.

For further information or documentation on the topics listed, please contact us at at any time.

4th PUG ProRis User Group Meeting on March 14, 2018 in Neuss with Rheinland Versicherung

On March 14, 2018, the ProRis User Group (PUG) met for the fourth time. We would like to thank RheinLand Versicherung in Neuss for the hospitality.

The heavyweights in this workshop were the detailed presentation of the availability of the ProRis version 8.0, the discussion of reporting requirements and their possible implementation, the exchange of experience regarding the use of the "Basecamp Platform” to ease communication within the PUG and information about the upcoming ProRis User Forum from 5th/6th June 2018 in Hamburg.

As a surprise, Inveos also presented a first prototype on reinsurance technical accounting deploying Blockchain technology for the distribution of the technical accounts.

3rd PUG ProRis User Group Meeting on September 21, 2017 at the LVM in Muenster

For the third time we met within the ProRis User Group (PUG). And for the first time one of our customers hosted the event. We would like to thank LVM for the perfect organisation of the event at the LVM headquarters in Muenster.

We were again able to discuss many specific topics and their functional implementation within ProRis. The main topics were the fully automatic calculation of the reinstatement premium(s) and the correct allocation of costs for the calculation of unearned premiums during the year.

Medium to long-term topics could also be discussed and prioritised based on the needs of ProRis users. A discussion on the issue of "electronic data exchange between insurers and re-insurers" was, of course, not to be missed.

We would like to thank all participants for their time and constructive cooperation.

We are already looking forward to the next meeting in March 2018 to again exchange ideas, experience and information with our customers.

Review ProRis User Forum 2017

Who "invented" chocolate? Certainly not the Swiss.

We recently learned this in the German Chocolate Museum in Cologne. After a contemplative walk along the Rhine, our group of about 50 people full of a thirst for knowledge arrived at the impressive building on the Rhine. During a guided tour through the museum we were informed that chocolate came from Mexico to Europe via the Spaniards and then slowly made its way eastwards from Spain. After more interesting details about the popular snack we moved on to the aperitif with a wonderful view of the Rhine. This was followed by an excellent buffet with various starters and main courses, plenty of cheese and, of course, a chocolate fountain. Of course, everything is guaranteed to be low in calories!

The next day, the participants gathered early at the DEVK Group headquarters in Cologne. General information on Inveos, sales activities and new clients, innovations for PRORIS classic and ProRis blue, was followed by information from representatives of Munich Re and Swiss Re on the subject of electronic data exchange under the keywords "Ruschlikon light" and "Ruschlikon full solution". After a short business lunch, it was time for various workshops and an experience report by LVM on the use of the ProRis RI Server, a unique selling point of our reinsurance solution.

The day passed in no time, the exchange of information and ideas was remarkable and we got to know each other even better in some aspects.

A successful event.

Many thanks to everyone for their contribution, especially DEVK for their hospitality and Munich Re and Swiss Re for their commitment to Ruschlikon.

We are already looking forward to the event in 2018.

Inveos is member of the newly esablished Ruschlikon Technology Provider Group

Inveos, through it’s state-of-the-art reinsurance  back office system ProRis blue, is among the leading providers in respect of e-processing date exchange solutions between primary insurers and reinsurers and/or reinsurance brokers. We follow the development of ACORD and Ruschlikon since a couple of years with great interest as we anticipate that at the end one global data exchange format will succeed. We are proud to have become a member of the newly established Ruschlikon Technology Provider Group . Our aim is to follow the development of Ruschlikon even closer and to elaborate the most elegant way for our large customer base to communicate via Ruschlikon adapting our format to standard message format. This always considering the most efficient process from a time and effort point of view.

Click here for the Ruschlikon Press Release.

23rd November 2015 - The BDL (the Federal Association of German Leasing Companies) publishes the new guideline for risk bearing capability calculation and capital requirements planning.

The new guidelines - under the title „Anwendungshinweise Risikotragfähigkeitsrechnung“ - can be downloaded in the members area by all members and cooperation partners of the BDL. Inveos has again supported all activities regarding the case study by calculating and validating the described scenarios with TRIGONIS. If you would like to know more about TRIGONIS and risk bearing capability calculation, please click here:

As of June 2015, the net asset value is subject to an extensive audit in accordance with Auditor's Report Regulation (PrüfbV)

As you can read by visiting and, the net asset value of financial services institutions will be subject in future to a more extensive audit by auditors. Both the format and calculation as well as the underlying assumptions need to be plausible and assessed. As the market standard for net asset value calculations according to the BDL model, TRIGONIS can make a valuable contribution to handling this issue in terms of withstanding an audit.

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